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A geothermal heat pump not only protects our environment and delivers ideal year round temperatures, it will save you so much money in energy costs, you can recover the initial investment in as quickly as four years. Elk Air Conditioning & Heating specializes in geothermal heating and cooling, drawing from years of in-field experience, technical knowledge, and industry training, to ensure your complete project is handled properly and in a timely fashion. Our engineers coordinate between geologists and drilling contractors to protect against any issues with quality, delays, needless expense, or errors. The significant investment and complexity of geothermal installation requires involved project management, from beginning to end. When you trust your project to Elk Air Conditioning, Inc., our expertise and attention to detail is the key to your long-term satisfaction so call us today for a geothermal heat pump.

Professional Geothermal Installations & Services

Professional Geothermal Installations & Services

Rather than burning fuel to create warmth, a geothermal heat pump simply transfers existing heat, making it far more efficient than conventional heating systems. And because underground temperatures remain relatively constant year round, the system requires much less energy to cool your home than conventional AC systems or air-source heat pumps. The result is a thirty to sixty percent savings on your heating and twenty to fifty percent savings on your cooling costs. Because there's no combustion process, there's none of the associated safety or air quality concerns, such as carbon monoxide or other greenhouse gases. The system is exceptionally quiet, low maintenance, and long-lived. You can expect the indoor component to last about twenty-five years, and more than fifty years of service from the ground loop. Whether you are considering a geothermal solution for new construction or a retrofit project in Allegheny County, Westmoreland County, and surrounding counties or the surrounding areas, contact Elk Air Conditioning, Inc. for Quality & Comfort You Can Depend On.