Our Mission Statement

Quality and Comfort You Can Depend On.

The Elk Air Conditioning team has over its long history come to believe in a core structure, which we strive to apply to every aspect of our business. That structure is one that puts Safety, Quality, and Fair Value at a premium. We believe that facilitating a High End Workplace and Family Dynamic is pivotal to allowing these standards to prosper.

The biggest part of maintaining these base principles is in creating a professional and caring network within the Elk Air Family. Our management team strives to relay and demonstrate the importance of Safety and Quality with the implementation of advanced training, regular safety classes, and weekly organized "Job Box Talks" for all field employees.

With the right guidance and infrastructure we know that we can give our customers a high quality result and allow our employees to perform in the safest attainable manner. In the pursuit and achievement of these principles, we do not hinder our ability to offer competitive pricing for any of our services. Instead, at Elk Air we believe that the maintenance of our value set is the only way to truly give our customers a premier product at a reasonable price.